Therm+ Wood Curtain Wall


Product Description

The THERM+ wood aluminum clad curtain wall system, solid wood internal, aluminum profile external.
Variety colors options for wood and aluminum, it can meet to external elevation and internal decoration requirements.
Perfect performance in weather tightness and heat insulation. It can be used for PASSIVE house.

● Variety specifications for option, can meet to different building requirement about strength and facade.

● Glass thickness range: 6mm to 64mm.

● Maximum single glass weight load: 450kg.

● Extensive size for option.


Wood Curtain Wall systems give an cheaper technique of setting curtains in your house. These are without problems adjustable to healthy the popular measurement of curtains except the want of expert installation.


There are a number of sorts of these devices ranging from these that connect solely to a single rod to these that join to countless rods. They additionally range in style. In addition, they are accessible in special substances such as aluminum and stainless steel. Moreover, they can be used in each cutting-edge and typical settings.


A wood curtain wall consists ordinarily of timber beams that are firmly geared up to wooden rods. However, they may also additionally incorporate drywall. The benefit of the use of wood curtain partitions is that they require minimal framing due to the fact of their flexibility. They additionally provide increased ornamental chances as in contrast to the usual inflexible varieties of curtain rods. Hence, you have extra alternatives when it comes to style.


Railing structures are typically used in wooden curtain wall. Wooden rambling partitions are extra secure and long lasting than their metal counterparts and can face up to intense climate conditions. The timber fabric used additionally gives higher aesthetic appeal, which makes them distinctly famous in business settings. Some commercial, tall timber structures consist of sky boxes, blanketed walkways, and included porches.

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