Asian and African cases


Asem villa project in Mongolia

Project Address:Ulan Bator 

Product Type: 75 aluminum 

Door and window area: 7200 sqm

Project Description:The Asia-Europe Summit is an important platform for the two continents to strengthen coordination, carry out cooperation, and seek common development. It has important strategic significance for the establishment of a balanced global political and economic order. After dozens of rounds of expert reviews, technical demonstrations, product demonstrations, factory assessments, on-site defenses, and expert voting by the organizing committee, our company has won the top spot among more than 30 world-renowned companies. Our  door, window and curtain wall system has become the 2016 Asia Europe The summit designated becomes a landmark building in Mongolia with a new height ahead of the times.


Mongolia Great Stone Hill

Project Address:Ulan Bator 

Product Type: MS75 aluminum 

Door and window area: 6000 


Monem Mansion, Bahrain

Project Address: Bahrain

Product Type: IV68 wood aluminum cladding 

Door and window area:1000 sqm

Project Description:

The project is located in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, with a typical tropical desert climate, which is dry and hot all year round. Our aluminum clad wooden window and wooden cable system are the perfect winner when the local doors and windows are mainly made of ordinary aluminum windows and plastic steel windows. The customer has given the extremely high appraisal to our door and window.


Shakeeb Resort Jeddah

Project Address:Jeddah

Product Type: MS 60 &90 aluminum 

Door and window area: 3000 sqm

Project Description:

Shakeeb resort is located in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, close to the red sea. The oppsite is the most highest tower Kingdom Tower under the construction.


Iran Ali Apartment

Project Address:Iran

Product Type: MS60& 165 sliding aluminum 

Door and window area: 1000 sqm

Project Description:

The Ali apartment project is located in the center of Tehran, Iran. The project started in 2013. In 2014, it purchased aluminum alloy energy-saving doors and windows and was officially completed in 2015. The biggest feature of this project is the super-large and wide German-style aluminum alloy lift&sliding door. Created a large opening balcony door.


Kenya Dongtu Hotel

Project Address: Nairobi Product Type: MS65 aluminum 

Door and window area: 600 sqm 

Project Description:The Eastland hotel is located in the center of Nairobi city with hotel, entertainment.After upgrade with our windows in 2017, each room could reach 42db sound proof.



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