Experts Apartment Building-monomer residence with double certifications


Product Description

Passive Expert Apartment Building is located in the National Construction and Green Technology Innovation International Zone, of Gaobeidian, Hebei Province. The building area is 8,016 square meters, with one layer underground, and nine layers above the ground. It throws traditional heating and refrigeration systems, and carries air purification and heat exchange through all-heat exchange central (anti-smog)environmental ventilation machine. The indoor of the apartment building has a comfortable ad healthy living environment of constant temperature, humidity, oxygen, cleanness and quietness. Compared with traditional architectures, it saves standard coal of 87.92 tons per year, and reduces carbon dioxide remission of 234 tons per year, it is 92% more energy-efficient compared with the benchmark building in 1980s.
This building is China’s first building which obtained the double certifications by PHI Germany and China Passive Ultra-low Energy Consumption Building Association.

Energy consumption simulation calculation

Through physical simulation calculation of this building.

Energy conservation effect:

Compared with current 65% energy-saving buildings, the building saves 74% energy, 87.92 tons of standard coal per year, and reduces CO2 emission by 234 tons per year.Compared with bench mark building in the 1980s, it saves 91% energy.

In 2014, the construction area of the commercial residence in Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei areas was in total 558.6884 million m2, if all the buildings were constructed according to the energy-saving standard of this building, the standard coal would be saved by 6.1277 million tons per year, and the CO2 emission would be reduced by 16.2 million tons / year. 

Energy and environment monitoring

A professional environmental monitoring system is installed in the building to monitor and record the indoor environmental data in real time.

Actual operation effect

Through the analysis of the monitoring data of the most serious month of haze weather:

1.The monthly average value of outdoor PM2.5 is 159μg/m3, and that of indoor PM2.5 is 31μg/m3.

2.The monthly average value of outdoor temperature is 1.6℃, and that of indoor temperature is 20.1℃.

3.The monthly average value of outdoor relative humidity is 73%,and that of indoor relative humidity is 47%.

Air tightness test

After the completion of the overall project, a household and overall air tightness test will be processed.According to the test results of the overall air tightness of the passive expert apartment building, N50 = 0.3h-1 is less than N50 ≤ 0.6h-1 required by the passive room standard, about 1 / 10 of the traditional building.

Central Anti-smog New Air System

Lowcarn Ventilation Compact Machine integrates systems of heating and cooling, new air, and intelligent control; and the air is automatically purified, heat recovered, and the cold and heat is automatically treated, so as to bring comfortable, clean, and fresh air into the room. And at the same time actively exhaust indoor dirty air,creating a high-quality living environment for the room. The intelligent control system automatically runs and intelligently adjusts the concentration of indoor CO2, PM2.5, and maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. 


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