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SEPS is currently the best choice for passive house outer wall insulation materials. Three times longer than the melting time of ordinary EPS; one-third higher insulation performance; its price is only 70% of polyurethane and other thermal insulation materials; compared with inorganic thermal insulation materials such as rock wool, it has obvious advantages in thermal insulation and construction quality and reliability.
Lowcarn SEPS strictly controls the quality from the source, selects the world’s top quality raw materials, uses BASF’s Neopor, Austrian sunpor and top domestic manufactures’ extrusion molding raw materials; introduces European advanced equipment and technology, and combines with the technical requirements of ultra-low energy consumption to customize and develop intelligent production lines; there are the world’s highest specifications and the best-equipped inspection equipment in academician workstation to detect various performance indicators of SEPS, which provides

Lowcarn SEPS is a new type of polystyrene foam board. Graphite is introduced into EPS, has better flame retardancy and fire resistance on the basis of maintaining excellent thermal insulation properties. Lowcarn SEPS is suitable for building exterior wall insulation system, and is the best choice of passive house exterior wall insulation material.


· Low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation performance

The thermal conductivity of Lowcarn SEPS is lower than 0.033w/m·k, and its heat insulation ability is 30% higher than that of ordinary polystyrene board. Its components contain special graphite particles, which can reflect the heat radiation like a mirror and reduce the heat loss of the house.

· Slow combustion rate and high flame retardant level

By introducing high melting point graphite into the Lowcarn SEPS, the melting temperature of the graphite polystyrene board is increased and the melting time of the graphite polystyrene board is prolonged. The flame retardant level can reach grade B1. Under the same conditions, the melting time of Lowcarn SEPS is three times that of ordinary polystyrene board (EPS board).

· Cost-effectively

Compared with polyurethane and other thermal insulation materials, Lowcarn SEPS  has obvious cost advantages; compared with rock wool and other inorganic thermal insulation materials, Lowcarn SEPS has an obvious thermal insulation advantage. Under the same heat preservation effect, the consumption of polystyrene board is one third less than that of ordinary polystyrene board.

· Simple construction and good system integrity

The construction method of the external insulation system of Lowcarn SEPS is the same as that of EPS thin plastering external insulation system, which has high system integrity and durability, low water absorption, and is safer and more reliable than inorganic insulation materials such as rock wool.

· More ecological efficiency

Lowcarn SEPS can reduce the consumption of raw materials, help to reduce costs, save resources and reduce the impact on the environment. High thermal insulation performance can improve energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction and atmospheric environmental protection. Compared with other products, Lowcarn SEPS has obvious ecological efficiency, which can provide a more efficient solution for the application of heat preservation and insulation.



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