Wing Sun Shades


Product Description

Wing Sun Shade is a new outdoor sun shade product, which has the functions of sun-shading, dimming, energy conservation, glass curtain wall protection and so on. To adjust the angle of the blades according to the sunlight angles, so as to realize the best effect of sun-shading and dimming; shuttle louver is applicable for all kinds of modern large glass curtain wall and glass ceiling, plane, facade and sloping buildings. There are two kinds of blades, fixed and adjustable, which can be installed horizontally and vertically.
Different sizes for blades could be available, 120mm、165mm、225mm、300mm (Perforable)

· The blade material: extrusion of aluminum alloy; surface treatment: spraying, fluorocarbon and other treatment methods;

· Colors available: a variety of colors to select; blade supporting shaft: sustainable steel; it adopts wing-rowed design of the blade, beautiful double side arc shape, with scientific and technological beauty; the blade adjustment range is 0 ° ~ 105 °, different adjustment angles have different sunshade, dimming, ventilation, rainproof and dust-proof effects; according to the change of climate and light, the adjustment of blade can be satisfied at any time for lighting, shading and ventilation. The blade is arc-shape designed, which can be closed at will in case of severe weather such as strong wind (including typhoon) and rainstorm, so as to reduce the pressure of the positive wind on the blade, to effectively prevent the damage of the outer window and glass curtain wall of the building caused by strong wind and rainstorm.

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