Louvered Sun-shading


Product Description

The sun-shading products of louvered sunshade series are aluminum alloy blinds used outside of the glass structure of the building, and professional wind resistant design sunshade products such as side rails or guide steel wires are added according to the local meteorological conditions and the floor height.
Louvered Sun-shading can be folded and unfolded as a whole, the metal blinds could flexibly adjust the turning angle to determine the absorption and obstruction of the light, make full use of the natural light and avoid unnecessary glare; it could also effectively reduce the solar radiation heat gain of the interior of the building, and saves energy consumption for air conditioner; and plays role of sunshade, dimming, privacy, vision and ventilation of the actual needs, so as to achieve the best indoor thermal and light comfort.
Applicable for commercial buildings, office building and other large public construction projects.

· It adopts aluminum alloy material of the blinds, has advantages of good flexibility, high strength, high corrosion resistance, durable and not easily deformed.

·  It has numerous types, such as C80, CR80, ZR 90 and other specifications, could meet needs of different buildings.

·  It controls and optimized indoor lights, and avoids glare.

· It reduces incoming heat and saves energy consumption for air conditioner.

· Switch control ( general switch and branch switch) or wireless control (general switch and branch switch) could be adopted, and also could be incorporated into building intelligent control system, to realize a point to point dynamic control over each blind, and fully meet all the personalized requirements of the users.

· The blades are overlapped closely to effectively reduce the height.

· The equipment has characteristics of rough weather resistance, corrosion resistance.

· Simple, artistic, and easy to clean, only neutral detergent and water is adequate.

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