Rolling Shutter Exterior Sun-shading


Product Description

Rolling shutter exterior sun-shading system is made of disposable roll formed double layer aluminum alloy which is filled with green environmental friendly PU (Polyurethane) adiabatic foam; and combined by curtains pieces coated with multi-layer roller coating paint.
The curtain pieces are running in the tracks on both sides of the window; the curtain is rolled up and hidden in the cover on the top of the window for lighting and ventilation; when it is partially lowered, the light transmitting opening between the curtains can be transparent and ventilated; when it is fully lowered, it can provide sunshade and heat insulation, heat preservation and energy conservation, sound insulation and noise reduction, protect privacy, and block the wind, rain, snow, hail and other severe weather;
By means of anti pushing, anti prying device and unmanned control of timing switch, security and anti-theft are realized.

· Sun-shading, thermal insulation, energy conservation

· Rolling window profile is filled with environmental friendly thermal insulation material, which could effectively maintain indoor temperature and save large quantity of energy. After testing and calculation by CABR (China Academy of Building Research), it could save energy by 35~45%.  

· Sound insulation and noise reduction

· Roller curtains are made of aluminum alloy double-layer roll forming, which is produced by precise production technology and manufacturing technology. The curtain is filled with imported two-component polyurethane foam material, which has a good isolation effect on noise. Sound insulation level: GB / T16730 Rw = 20dB

· Safety and anti-theft

· High strength profile plays a role of anti-theft. The rolling shutter could be equipped with anti pushing and anti-prying device inside, which could not be easily opened with external force after being closed. It could be equipped with a stop function, and when the roller shutter is lowered, it will stop running immediately when encountering obstacles, so as to ensure safety of the user.


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