Product Description

Available in one, two and three-panel configurations.
75mm cross section, upgrade on MS65/65U+system.
Low threshold design.
German heavy duty harewares.
Profile cavity insulation material filled.
Inward opening or outward opeing available.
Multiple lock points, more secure and strong.
Sound proof and heat insulation, energy saving more.

Available on U value lower 1.2.

● Powder coating thermal break aluminum profile.2.0mm thickness.

● German heavy duty harewares.

● Double/triple glazing, UV protected and argon gas filled.

● Inward opening or outward opeing available.

● High performance EPDM rubber seal.

● Sound proof and heat insulation, energy saving more.


double-hinged door supplier will provide the customers with a vast range of attractive options. These include double glazed, single glazed, and natural gas. The customers can choose from several materials to meet their needs. Therefore, they can have the required glass for their homes including toughened glass, double glazed, toughened safety glass, and tempered safety glass. All these options can enhance the beauty of the interior and exterior of the home.


The choice of frames can be made from metal, wood, and tempered glass. In addition, the choice of colors can be customized. Hence, the right type of material and color is provided by the double-hinged door supplier. Apart from these, they also help in providing different types of locks such as the traditional deadbolt lock, or the latest keyless entry system. Therefore, they can provide high security for the homes.


The door system will also help in improving the exterior of your homes. It can be installed on various doors. Therefore, it provides an excellent way to protect your home from all types of weather. As per the market research, a huge amount of money is spent on protecting the homes. Therefore, the installation of this system can reduce your costs, while protecting your home from all types of weather.


Apart from the above, the double-hinged door supplier can also help in improving the appeal of the homes. For example, they are popular for use in bathrooms. These doors look stylish, beautiful, and modern. Therefore, the bathroom of the house will be very appealing. The best part is that these doors are cheap, as they are available at low prices.


Another reason for using the double-hinged door supplier is because these windows are weather resistant. So, you do not have to bother much about them getting damaged due to any bad weather conditions. As per the studies, humidity can cause the glass to break. As the quality of these double glass doors is excellent, you do not have to worry about their quality. However, you have to make sure that it is properly maintained so that it does not get damaged.


Thus, you should understand the benefits of installing these doors in your home. Moreover, you should understand that home security is very important. This type of home security ensures your safety. You should always remember that these doors will provide excellent security to the home.

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