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Product Description

The Ultimate Lift and Slide Door pairs stunningly large door panels with effortless, fingertip operation thanks to a carefully-engineered carriage system that lifts panels off their track for weightless operation.

● Choose from up to 22 operating configurations.

● Available in heights up to 12 feet or widths up to 26 feet.

● Choose panels that stack in full view within the frame or conceal within a wall pocket.

● Lift-and-slide engineering allows nearly effortless operation.

● Industry-exclusive flush mount panel hardware is concealed for a clean look.

● Side stiles and top rail available in 4- or 6-inch width for contemporary or traditional styling.

● Flush and Recessed sill options create seamless transitions for accessibility.

● Performance Sill option for exceptional protection from the elements.



There is no denying the fact that aluminium folding doors are one of the best solutions available in the market for commercial and residential use. You can find aluminium folding doors in different styles to suit both interior and exterior settings. You can get these doors in different thicknesses and different colors. Aluminium folding doors are lightweight, durable and cheap. Moreover, they are available in different sizes so that you can get the perfect ones for your needs. If you have a modern looking office, then you should consider buying modern-looking aluminium folding doors that can help in revamping your look and at the same time add value to your property.


Before you get these doors, it is essential to find out their specifications so that you know the exact type of aluminium that you are getting. This will help you customize your order and ensure that you get the best quality. Usually, aluminium doors are available in three types - overlay aluminium, full aluminium and premium aluminium. All you need to do is choose the one that fits your specific requirements best.


You can use aluminium folding doors in many different ways. Perhaps the most common way to use these doors is for sliding doors to provide more space inside a congested hall. You can also make use of these folding doors in the garden to give it an appealing look and provide a great enclosure from rain and strong sunlight. In addition to these applications, you can also get folding doors in the laundry rooms, garage, conservatory, patio and many more places.


The good thing about aluminium folding doors is that they have a long life span. These doors will remain strong and sturdy for decades without any maintenance. Apart from this, aluminium is known to be fire-resistant as well. Hence, you do not need to worry about your home or work property being damaged due to a fire accident.


When you want to buy a folding door, it is important that you consider all your options before making your final purchase. One of the things that you should look for is the material used for the folding board. Aluminium is the most commonly used material for constructing these doors. However, there are other materials available in the market which could also serve your purpose. Therefore, it is important that you do your homework thoroughly and buy aluminium only if you are satisfied with its performance.


Another major benefit of aluminium folding doors is that they are highly versatile. These doors come in various designs and colors. Therefore, they can easily complement with various types of decor. Apart from this, aluminium has excellent insulating properties. It helps to keep the cold air outside and warm air inside the house. This makes it one of the most effective solutions for people who are looking for a solution to improve their homes and offices energy consumption while at the same time reducing costs.

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