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Timber lift & slide terrace doors (mostly known as "HS system") are perfect for terraces, backyards. It is a good choice in a way to have more light in a room or simply install a partition. It is a good way to expand interior space of a building too. Timber sliding doors can be very large (length of construction could reach up to 8 meters) that could lead to complicated opening, however modern hardware are able to make it easy. We use ‘’Siegenia-Aubi’’, “HS-Portal 300” and “HS-Portal 400” hardware for our timber lift & slide doors.

● Double Glazed, Low E Glass.

● Guard-safe Glass.

● 10 year Guarantee.

● 5% Price Beat Guarantee.

● Fitted fly-screens as standard.

● German Manufactured Frames and Hardware by Roto.


For the right door to serve its purpose for any given home, one has to choose the appropriate aluminium sliding doors fabrication. This is because it plays a vital role in the beautification of the house. Furthermore, with the proper planning and the right design, an aluminium sliding doors fabrication can be incorporated into the design of the house without sacrificing the beauty and the aesthetic value of the house. This allows people to enjoy the extra benefits that the doors have to offer.


It is crucial for people to understand that there are different types of aluminium sliding doors available for their use. There are those that are made from aluminium frames which are secured with the help of hinged panels that are mounted on both the interior and the exterior of the house. On the other hand, there are aluminium sliding doors that are constructed from aluminium extrusions or wedges. These are usually mounted from the interior of the house using the help of frames.


Aluminium sliding door can also be fabricated as per the space and the design that the house owner's prefer. In this way, they can enjoy the extra features that they are after. For instance, those who have small spaces at home can install pocket doors for added convenience. Likewise, those who have wide spaces can choose from a variety of sliding doors that have more width and length.


This is due to the fact that sliding doors have different widths and lengths. Therefore, the right choice for the homeowner must be made based on the space and the size of the home. With the help of a professional, a client can have an idea on how many aluminium sliding doors would fit in the space and their designs. They will also have an idea on what the costs of these products will be.


If the homeowner is opting for aluminium sliding doors fabrication, they should also look into the services of the company that will handle this project. They need to find out about the quality of the product that they are getting. They can inquire from those who have already used the service and get feedback regarding the quality of the products that they have received. The company must also have a history of making custom made doors using aluminium. This will ensure that the homeowner gets the best value for the money that they will be spending on the project.


Many aluminium sliding doors manufacturers sell products made from the highest quality materials. This is due to the fact that these companies will not compromise with the durability and the functionality of their customers' sliding door needs. Thus, they ensure that they only choose those manufacturers who are able to meet the highest standards. Those who cannot find the manufacturers themselves may ask their friends or relatives who have already bought sliding door through them. This way, they will know if the company is good enough or not. All these steps will ensure that the new sliding door will offer homeowners the best value for their money.

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