How to Replace a Tilt and Turn Window Handle

In this article I will make you through the strides of how to supplant aluminium tilt and turn windows handle. It's not difficult to do, so assuming you're not that certain of a DIYer, relax!

How to gauge a tilt and turn window handle


Estimating a tilt and turn window handle is extremely straightforward as they're very widespread. This implies you just need to quantify two things to guarantee it will fit. First and foremost, you should eliminate your present handle from your window.

· Open the window handle to the flat position and eliminate the two screw cover covers.

· Here and there the screws are covered by a sprung stacked backplate. Just lift the backplate and contort it to uncover the two screws.

· Eliminate the two screws from the handle and the window handle will slide out from the window.


Since you've taken out the aluminium tilt and turn window handle its opportunity to quantify it. Utilizing a ruler or measuring tape, measure between the two screw openings. This is regularly 43mm focus to focus. Whenever you have done this, you should gauge the length of the shaft. Measure from the under the handle to the actual tip of the shaft. Typically this is 40mm or 50mm in absolute length.


You're presently prepared to arrange your new tilt and turn window handle. Moser stock a scope of value tilt and window handles.


How to fit a tilt and turn window handle

· Fitting a tilt and turn window handle is pretty much as simple as eliminating it.

· Eliminate your window handle from the sack including every one of the extra frill.

· Whenever you've done this, guarantee your window is completely bolted and slide the window handle in to the window in a similar bolted position.

· Turn the window handle to 90 degrees which will uncover both screw openings.

· Utilizing your screw driver just screw in the two tightens.

· Check to ensure the handle works the window as you would anticipate.


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